How to Use

How to Rock your Willow Pillow

 1. Bottle Holder

Baby Bottle Holder Product Guide

 2. Trainer - "Hold Your Own Bottle"

        • Step 1 - Use adjustable neck straps, bottle straps and front pocket if needed
        • Step 2 - When your little one starts showing signs of moving the Willow Pillow on their own and keeping the bottle stable try using the Willow Pillow without neck straps or pocket.
        • Step 3 - Start guiding your little one's hands to the bottle instead of the Willow Pillow. Start placing the bottle directly on top of the Willow Pillow without bottle straps.
        • Step 4 - When your little one gets really good at holding the bottle, start scooting the Willow Pillow back as they're holding the bottle. It can take a little time for them to build up the strength to hold a big, full bottle on their own.

              Don't get discouraged if your little one struggles at a step, just go back to the previous step and try again.  

              3. Bib

                • Simply remove the insert and you have a bib that will fit at any age


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